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Sonoma Residences promises not just to provide comfortable homes but also offers an array of basic facilities as well as luxurious amenities. The builders have planned the property in such a way that all the various facilities, as well as amenities, are incorporated with excellent space management. 

 At Sonoma Residences, exists a multiple purpose hall for the use of the residents. This hall can be put to use by the residents as and when desired. It can well accommodate an ample number of guests. This facility makes it easy for the residents to host parties and events right under their residing roof. 

The builders have paid much attention to the effective upbringing of the kids as well as the youth. The property accommodates a massive playing ground and a huge basketball court. These playgrounds provide a chance to the young for taking up additional activities along with their academics. 

The basic facilities that you get to avail while residing at Sonoma Residences include excellent water supply system. This system is centralized and gives service 24x7. The property features an excellently designed underground drainage system which works towards maintaining hygienic conditions. 

The Sonoma Residences features concretely constructed roads where walking and driving are no less than a delight. Smooth paths are constructed all around the property. There are gutters and curbs constructed at various places to ensure hassle-free services. Not just the built is amazing but the maintenance of all the provided facilities are taken complete care of. These inputs by the builders ensure that the residents can take advantage of the provisions to the fullest.

Another feature of prime importance is the presence of a guardhouse at the entrance of Sonoma Residences. This guardhouse houses trained security professionals who are appointed to maintain safety within the residence. These guards are wholly responsible for taking care of the security of the premises such that the residents can enjoy a carefree lifestyle. There are security cameras installed for surveillance such that crimes of all kinds can be avoided even before they bud.

While talking about the internal features of the excellently built homes, Sonoma Residences has come up with concrete yet beautiful designs and concepts. The roofs incorporated are colored long span roofs where style meets long-lasting life. The steel roof frames make your home safer, stylish and tough. The toilets and bathrooms are all covered with adorable and high-class tiles. The windows of the house models are all comprised of steel casements. With such incorporated features, the Sonoma Residences house models are considered to be no less than a lottery at such affordable budget. 

Additionally, while investing in Sonoma Residences you get complete electrical fixtures and wiring done making the models all set for the newbies to shift in.

Housing Specifications:

  • Long Span Colored Roof
  • Steel Roof Framings
  • Tiled Bathroom
  • Steel Casement Windows
  • Complete Toilet & Bath
  • Complete Electrical Wiring and Fixtures
  • Complete Water/Plumbing Pipes & Fixtures
  • Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Playground
  • Basketball Court
  • Centralized Water Supply
  • Concrete Roads, Curbs and Gutters
  • Underground Drainage System
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