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Sonoma Residences is located at Sta.Cruz, Sta.Maria, Bulacan.

Sonoma Residences stands straight at a location that is another name for convenience. It is conveniently situated in Bulacan at Sta. Cruz. This place is an immensely urbanized town region that flaunts a population of more than Two-fifty hundred thousand as per the statistics of municipalities in the year 2015. This site is just a perfection to reside at where all the facilities and necessities are just an arm away. 

Being situated just at a distance of thirty-two kilometers from Manila the residents get a chance to reside at the peaceful banks of Sta. Maria River. This water body is the largest of the region where the catch basin of the same makes the entire town region a flood-prone region. Therefore, you get to enjoy the impeccable view from your home window while having no fears of floods. 

Sonoma Residences stands at a location where various establishments including commercial setups, educational institutes, marketplaces, religious spots, medical institutions as well as industrial setups lay in the extreme close vicinity. As one move towards the south, at a distance, less than ten kilometers lies the extremely renowned Philippine Arena. This is one of the worldly attractions that attracts a number of tourists each year. This arena is the largest indoor domed arena all across the world. 

While residing at Sonoma Residences, education of your kids can be never a concern with an ample number of institutions being located in the close neighborhood. It has The Global Seed Science School located around one and a half kilometers away, Our Lady of Grace Shekinah School located around two kilometers away, Grace Shekinah School located less than two kilometers away, Elementary School Of Manggahan located around one and a half kilometers away, as well as, Sta. Clara Elementary School around two kilometers away. With such many renowned options available nearby your kids can save a lot of traveling time and hassles.

Sonoma Residences allows its residents to reach out for their favorite cuisines as and when desired within minutes. Located near some of the best restaurants in the area, Sonoma Residents can head out for a sudden lunch or dinner plan anytime. It has eateries like Lalais Eatery situated around less than two kilometers away, Tita Pining Lugawan located around one and a half kilometers away as well as Senior Pedro Lechon Manok around two kilometers away. With such relishing options nearby the Sonoma residents are always at an advantage when it comes to food.

Additionally, Sonoma Residences offers various marketplaces situated extremely close to its location such that the residents needn't travel much in order to avail the everyday commodities of life. One can also head to the nearby situated shopping mall named Walter Mart Santa Maria which is located just at a distance of around two kilometers. A quick drive can lead you to the mall and you can get going with your shopping list. The mall offers various popular brands that you can shop from.


  • Global Seed Science School - 1.46 km
  • Elementary School of Manggahan - 1.72 km
  • Grace Shekinah School - 1.82 km
  • Sta. Clara Elementary School - 1.83 km
  • Our Lady of Grace Shekinah School - 1.95 km


  • Tita Pining Lugawan - 1.75 km
  • Senior Pedro Lechon Manok - 1.84 km
  • Lalais Eatery - 1.89 km


  • Walter Mart Santa Maria - 1.89 km
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